5 Reasons Why You Should Utilize Twitter

My guest post today is Natalie from Mommy of a Monster. On her blog she writes about all things motherhood but today at TMC, she is sharing some fabulous reasons why bloggers should be utilizing Twitter to help grow their blog. {And if you leave a comment on this post, be sure to add your Twitter handle so we can follow you}!

Are you a tweep? Do you tweet? Retweet? Use hashtags? Use the @ sign to get in touch with someone? Can you say something clever using only 140 characters?

If you have NO idea what I’m talking about, chances are, you either aren’t using Twitter to help grow your blog or you are on Twitter, but have no idea what you’re doing.

If you aren’t using Twitter to get people to go to your blog, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to both drive traffic to your blog and gain readers. For bloggers, Twitter can be an amazing tool. Much like you would spend time visiting other blogs and social media outlets (i.e. Blog Frog or Facebook) to meet other bloggers, Twitter can help do the same thing.

Before I started tweeting, I thought: Why do I care who is going to the grocery store or what somebody had for lunch? And why would people care what I had for lunch? And I’ll be honest, sometimes people do send out tweets like that (myself included) but most people use Twitter to have fun conversations, ask questions and get immediate answers, share information about blogging, parenting, cooking, or anything else, and to drive traffic to their blogs/sites. In fact, Gigi from KludgyMom wrote a free eBook titled Getting Over Your Fears of Twitter which you can easily download that will help you get started!

Here are five reasons why every blogger should use Twitter:

1. You can drive traffic to your blog. Use Twitter to market yourself. Some people get on Twitter and the only thing they do is tweet about their current posts. Those people probably don’t get much traffic because they aren’t engaging or communicating with others. Twitter is about engaging your audience and building relationships. As a rule of thumb, for every ten tweets that you send out, only one of them should be asking people to visit your blog…the rest should be “talking” with other people. Twitter is all about marketing yourself, and your blog. People want to know you and the only way we get to know each other is through engagement.

2. It’s a way to microblog. There’s a 140 character limit on Twitter, and it is liberating! You don’t have to labor over a post or search for the right words. Some of the tweets that have gotten the most attention are as simple as “Tater just sat down at the table to eat lunch naked. Wonder where his clothes went” because parents relate to it, it’s funny, and people like to know that their kids aren’t the only ones that do crazy things.

3. Networking.  Twitter makes it super easy to meet new people and bring people together. You can easily and casually introduce people via light hearted Twitter banter. It’s like meeting someone at a backyard barbeque as instead of a formal business meeting. Informality is a great ice breaker, and it encourages people to let their guard down a little.

4. Quick answers. You can ask all sorts of questions to the Twitter universe, from what is the capital of California to what people think of a particular brand of baby food. And the more followers you have the more detailed answers you will receive.

5. It’s fun and addicting. Once you get the hang of it, Twitter is fun and very addicting! It’s a great way to get to know other bloggers because it is so informal…it’s like talking to a friend throughout the day without ever having to pick up the phone. I tweet with my friends and we only email back and forth if we are having long or detailed conversation.

If you haven’t tried Twitter yet, you really should! It’s a fantastic way to get yourself out there and you’ll be surprised not only by how many great people you’ll meet, but if you use it correctly, how much more traffic will show up on your blog!

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    Twitter is amazing and addicting to say the least. I just left China Sunday where Twitter, Facebook and many blogs were blocked. It was an Epiphany for the level of addiction they have become in my life.

    You offer 5 very good points Natalie. What is your Twitter handle?


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    It really does increase traffic too. I’ve noticed a difference the days I spend some time on Twitter interacting (that’s the key) with others vs. the days I don’t log in.

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    Twitter is where I met Natalie … and a whole bunch of fab ladies that I then went on to meet IRL at Blissdom. When I first looked at Twitter, I had no clue on what to do with it and so ignored it for a couple of months. Then around Oct Nov I decided to revisit, and now with many tweeps, several lists and some voice to voice conversations – I feel like I have made some great friends there …. btw, Natalie is quite a wonderwoman on Twitter – as is the fab Heather.
    Be sure to join in and tweet today!

  4. says

    Those are all good points and while I’ve enjoyed getting to know people on twitter, I mustbsay that sometimes I resent the fact that I have to constantly be out there promoting myself and my blog. I’m normally such a chill person and the work intensive aspects drive me nuts.

    But really, I’ve met some awesome people and expanded my world through Twitter

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    Love what twitter has done for my blog and connecting me to all the bloggers out there. Who knew that they were all talking to each other out there somewhere???

  6. says

    I never got the point of Twitter before I started blogging, but now I really enjoy it! I love having a way to connect with my favorite bloggy friends throughout the day, and I find really excellent things to read as well!

    Right now I am using Twitter to get people to send me links of their best posts to be considered for my Friday feature of amazing bloggers! I love that it allows me to read posts from people I don’t already follow to find a wider variety of reads.

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    I once was a Twitter hater, because I didn’t understand it. Now, I tweet where ever I go. It’s almost sick, but I love it. SWOON!

    I have met so many wonderful people on Twitter. I didn’t know certain blogs existed until I signed up and now I have more to read, it’s fantastic!

  8. says

    I absolutely love twitter. It took me a while to get the hang of it. I first started just before I attended Type A Mom Con last September. I learned to follow the hashtag just before the conference. It helped me to know what was going on and to learn a little about the sessions I wasn’t attending.
    I loved being able to keep up with some of the friends I made at Type A via twitter. And then I prepared to go to Blissdom. Having become much more proficient, I really got caught up in pre-Blissdom chatter and making plans to see people. I now have an even bigger group of friends I get to communicate with.
    Twitter makes the world a much smaller place and connects you to people who are similar to you and you click with, yet you would never ever know them otherwise.
    Oh, and it is awesome to use to promote your blog. And the Golden Rule works on twitter. If you retweet, you will be retweeted. If you share helpful advice, others will share your tweets.
    Thanks for the tips!
    Doing the right things at the right time

    • says

      I do lots and lots of retweeting….I want my Twitter followers to find out all the cool stuff that’s going on, and retweeting is a great way to do it!

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    These are great tips…I do tweet but am fairly new to it. Plus, I am not very faithful to daily let alone weekly tweeting. Yikes!!! Is that a tweeting 101 “Don’t”?? I blame it on my lack of a smartphone…trying to convince hubby I “NEED” one!!! Any advice on how to convince him?? Otherwise I have to be at my computer to do it. BUT, it is addicting….I don’t have many that engage in coversations with me yet, though. i’m like a twitter lurker….I need to fix that! Anyway, thanx for the tips ladies!!!

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    Great article. Twitter was so overwhelming to me at first. I finally feel like I have the hang of it, but I know I could utilize it even more! Thanks for the tips!

  11. says

    thanks so much for a helpful post! I’m more drawn to Facebook for interacting with friends, but twitter is fun for networking and sharing for sure.

    I appreciate what you said about your rule of thumb: “for every ten tweets that you send out, only one of them should be asking people to visit your blog…the rest should be “talking” with other people.”

  12. says

    Twitter is most definitely an addiction. I set up an account last year when it was “the cool thing” to do, but didn’t utilize it. Now, I tweet every day. I can’t help it. And I’ve seen huge growth from my blog thanks to it. Great post!

  13. says

    I don’t really know how much traffic I’ve received from Twitter, but I enjoy it because of the networking. I’m able to learn of new things by a quick tweet from someone else vs having to scroll through hundreds of blogs every day. I’ve added several blogs to my “every day” list based on their tweets.

  14. says

    These are awesome tips and a great reminder for me to put a bit more time into Twitter. Most of my “real life” friends are on Facebook and so I feel like I get stuck spending most of my time there, but Twitter really does seem to expand one’s network. Helpful post, Natalie!

  15. says

    Great points all around. It’s completely addictive!
    I’m wondering if Tumblr is going to be the next Twitter in terms of popularity and blog promotion. If anyone can help us get our heads around navigating that world, I’d love to get some insight.

  16. says

    I have found that I am a fan of Twitter. It is a great place to meet and connect with people. Yes, it can help drive traffic to your blog but it is more important for the connection aspect of blogging. It can be used for conversation and getting to know others. Some people share a little too much on Twitter but those are the tweets I ignore. It is amazing the responses that can be received from a tweet saying my child is frustrating me today or my child won’t eat or even I’m having trouble doing this. People actually read these tweets and respond back with words of encouragement or answers to questions. So Twitter is a powerful medium for communication and it should be used by all bloggers.

  17. says

    None of my friends is using Twitter, so it took a while until I started using it and I’m still trying to work out all the little terms and the way to do it or not to do it, but I will get there. And I hope it’s gonna help my blog too. Good post you wrote and your points are defenitely true.

  18. says

    I love twitter! I was tweeting for a year and a half. Then I followed a couple of bloggers. I was intrigued. So I tried my own blog.
    The support from my twitter followers was instant and amazing.

    And yes, I’m likely to tweet I’m sitting in the couch.

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    Super great advice. I was surprised when we started the Problogger 31 day challenge last week just how many bloggers weren’t on Twitter for one reason or another. I can’t say that I’m as…um…”committed” to Twitter as some people 😉 but it’s done wonders not only for my blogging but for finding other great blogs and, more importantly, great people. Because it’s the person behind the words who counts.

  20. says

    For the longest time Twitter was just another place to put a status update, I know better now. Great points, I completely agree and have seen first hand how they work

  21. says

    I’m completely addicted to Twitter and most of my blog traffic comes from it…so I’m grateful for the outlet. I, too, have made many connections and formed new friendships this way and I think it’s awesome!

  22. says

    Completely agree. I love that unlike blogging – I can do it on my smartphone while I am waiting for the kids at their various activities. It’s a great way to connect & if you are like me- get a little instant gratification from the ease of use when it comes to finding info I am looking for.

  23. says

    Yup, yup, and yup. Agree with all of it. Twitter takes time to learn (like anything new) but it’s worth the effort. I wrote a post yesterday that seems to have helped clear up some confusion about Twitter etiquette and so on. It’s stuff I figured out over the course of a year. So yes, Twitter takes time, but it’s truly priceless for bloggers (and for writer, if I may add).

  24. says

    Thanks for the tips! When I first started using twitter I couldn’t make heads or tails of it but now I love it. When I get so busy that I can’t check my twitter stream I feel like I am missing out on some great conversations.

  25. says

    As a SAHM of a special needs kiddo and teen boys I use Twitter to help assuage my need for adult interaction! I have met so many fabulous people and learned so much through The Twitter. Great post, Nat!

  26. says

    I was so reluctant to get out on Twitter. And now I laugh at myself, because I love it SO much! For all the reasons you point out above. I never expected to connect with so many amazing people. It’s awesome!

  27. says

    I’d like to get on the bandwagon here, but in all honesty, I can’t. I tried very hard to like Twitter, tried making friends and promoting my blog. I did get more followers as a result, but I am pretty much snubbed in Twitter circles. I know several women who feel the same way. We tend to be a little older than the Mom Bloggers, and some of us are grandmas, so maybe that’s why we’re snubbed. I’m very disappointed to be quite honest. And this is coming from a person who gave it an honest try.

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    I get a lot of traffic on my blog but my twitter followers are the ones that leave comments and engage in conversations about my posts. If it wasn’t for them, I would have a quarter of the feedback.

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    So true to the last word. I admit, before I started blogging I didn’t “get” twitter. But as a blogger, it’ really a great medium for all of the reasons you listed. Now that I’ve developed relationships with so many great tweeps, I also find it a great social outlet. Being a SAHM, it’s a great way to not feel so ‘alone’. Someone is alway around on the tweeter.

  30. says

    She’s absolutely right! I had a twitter handle & never got on there…ever! That’s because it was a little overwhelming & then I discovered tweetdeck-revolutionized everything! And my blog traffic has jumped exponentially & I’ve been able to connect w/people that I wouldn’t normally have met in the blog world.

    It can be overwhelming though & since I don’t have a smart phone I don’t really get to tweet as often as I’d like. But the little bit that I do tweet really really helps!

    On Friday nights at 9PM EST check out #wineparty…it’s a great way to meet other mom bloggers. That’s how I’ve met a lot of my twitter friends!

  31. says

    I agree it is a great place to network. You can not only make business connections, but friendships as well. And if you have a baby question it’s amazing how fast you can get feedback from a tweet. I think Twitter is one of the greatest social networks besides Facebook.

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