The momAgenda Brand Ambassador Program

I have been an avid spokesperson for the momAgenda brand, partnering with Nina Restieri to lead and manage a talented team of women called the Council of Media Moms for the last five years. Currently, Nina is seeking established digital influencers to represent her brand through a Brand Ambassador program.

Are you an organizational freak like me? Do you love opening a crisp, brand new planner and get totally excited filling in important dates and appointments? Or maybe you are not the best organizer but you are on a quest to live a more organized life? Well, we’re looking for you!


momAgenda® is accepting applications now through the end of the month. For compensation information, full details about this program, and the benefits of being a momAgenda® Brand Ambassador, be sure to check out the momAgenda website. Please help us spread the word on social media and tag any of your updates, posts, and photos with #momAgendaCOMM

Sample post or tweet: Have you heard? @momAgenda is seeking Brand Ambassadors! Details and application: #momAgendaCOMM

Thanks for your support – we look forward to connecting with you!

A Decade of Motherhood and Everything Changes

My life is not a constant rerun of changing diapers and cleaning up spilled baby food anymore. It’s not dealing with the nightmare of switching to a toddler bed or wondering about the effects of birth order parenting. My life is now full of hours of homework, endless trips to soccer practice, and the Common Core. In fact, my son has shown me a thing or two on PowerPoint and recently told me, “I think I’m going to make a Prezi for my next presentation mom – you can do so much more with it than PowerPoint.” He’s in third grade.

He is a whiz when it comes to Minecraft and he loves cloud computing; when he has difficulty with something, he asks me if there’s an app for that. His nightly homework features structural analysis and math requires performing a partial sums algorithm. What?

We’re at the lovely parenting stage where he begins to question my parenting. “Well, so-and-so had Instagram since second grade and so-and-so has seen THAT movie. Why can’t I?” Because I’m your mother and I said no. The end. But next week, it will be something new – the part where parenthood requires more conversation and explanation; the part that means there are going to be many tough days ahead and my kids may not always agree with me. They will constantly share notes with their friends and see what they can get away with – and it’s my job to stay true to my convictions regardless of what the majority is doing. Motherhood is not one size fits all, remember?

My daughter is coming home with stories about some of the other kids – and some of the mean things they say. Mean girls – it doesn’t start it high school people, it begins in first grade. First grade. My daughter is also growing up in a digital world and doesn’t know anything different. She is accustomed to instant gratification and this is one aspect I wish I could change but have very little control over.

A decade of motherhood also requires more “grown-up” stuff. When we first had babies, buying a new car and purchasing a home were the big grown-up ticket items. My world consisted of numerous trips to Home Depot and glamorous Saturday nights were spent shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond. Now, our grown-up stuff consists of beneficiaries, life insurance, living wills, and saving for college. That’s right – our son will be off to college in a mere eight years which in parenthood time is like, tomorrow.

My Dad turns 70 this year, my husband turns 40 and I am quickly close behind him; our parents have aged and we’ve noticed little things that we didn’t see even five years ago. They walk a little slower, they awake with new aches and pains and they always seem to have a doctor’s appointment. They are no longer chasing grandbabies and babysitting every weekend; their oldest granddaughter is headed to college in one year and their youngest is my youngest – 6 going on 16. There are no lullabies to sing at night, no more walks in the park, or races on the beach. They are losing their hair and sometimes don’t remember what you told them yesterday. Everything changes.

I never thought of my parents getting older, even though I knew it would happen. But now, they are resembling more and more like my own grandparents, and that to me is scary.

When the pizza delivery boy shows up at my house, I’m almost old enough to be his mom; I have tons of laugh wrinkles on my face and crows feet around my eyes when I smile. My hair is thinning and my husband is greyer than ever before and I often wonder, how did we get here?

A decade of parenting.



When I started this blog six years ago, I was in the trenches of new motherhood. I had an infant baby girl and a little toddler boy. Somehow, my world seemed less complicated than it does now. In addition to raising kids, I am contending with that grown-up stuff and trying to stop the ever-so-quickly aging process.

As I approach my birthday next month, I am going to hold onto my thirties as long as I can.

Because a decade of motherhood – and everything changes.

It’s a Minted Christmas

This is a special time of year I look forward to – and it’s the perfect opportunity to share in the joy and spirit of the holiday season with family and friends. I shopped Minted for the infamous family Christmas card this year. Minted is a thriving community of talented designers who are creating beautiful customizable products, making the world’s premier marketplace for independent design.


Still looking for that perfect, unique holiday card for your family? Shop Minted and be inspired. For a full review and more details, see my recent post about Minted.


Theta Mom® abides by word of mouth marketing standards and believes in honesty of relationship, opinion and identity. I was provided Minted credit to review the product and service. However, all opinions expressed are my own and the content of this post was not influenced. 

Shop National Geographic this Holiday

As a former elementary school teacher and a mom who values education, I am a strong supporter of National Geographic. I am also a National Geographic Kids Insider where I may receive promos and related discounts as part of reviewing products for NG Kids.NGKids


Wondering what to get your kids this holiday season? Consider the gift of books. My kids are avid readers and love reading National Geographic at school, so you can imagine their excitement when they receive Animal Stories and 5,000 Awesome Facts (About Everything) 2 this holiday.

These books are packed with fantastic stories and “fun facts” that always seem to have the kids gasping! “Mom, can you believe that…” is typically what I hear when they are enjoying a book by National Geographic.

Now through January, you can also enjoy a discounted savings of 15% OFF any order sitewide at the National Geographic Store using the code MR21092 at checkout.  See below for full details:

Offer expires 1/31/15 at 11:59 p.m. PT and can be modified or canceled at any time. Offer excludes donations, digital products, magazines, Geographic kits, Cafe Press merchandise, 10th Edition of the National Geographic Atlas of the World, Around the World in 125 Years 3-volume Collector’s Edition book from TASCHEN, and Weekend Photo Workshops. Discount cannot be combined with other offers; not valid on previous orders. Applicable for online orders only. Prices not valid in the National Geographic UK Online Store or Road Less Traveled Store.

Also, if your child’s teacher has a classroom pet, National Geographic Education is also running a fun Facebook promotion called “Teacher’s Pet” now through December 31st. Teachers can share about the pet in their classroom and receive a coupon worth 20% OFF any National Geographic purchase at PetSmart stores! Select photos will be shared via the NG Education Team’s Facebook page. For full details, visit here.

Theta Mom® abides by word of mouth marketing standards and believes in honesty of relationship, opinion and identity. I was provided product as part of the National Geographic Kids Insider Brand Ambassador program. However, all opinions expressed are my own and the content of this post was not influenced. 

Sparky the Fire Dog®: FREE App for Kids

Many of you know in addition to being a mom, I am an educator. I always enjoy sharing some important tips and tricks of the very things I find valuable and this is definitely one of those times.

My daughter recently came off the bus telling me that she saw the “big red truck” at school. She was excited to tell me everything that she learned about fire safety and it wasn’t long before my son came through the door sharing a similar event at school. It’s fire safety week – so what better time than now to talk to your kids about fire safety? Well, there is a FREE app that gets your kids in on the action of learning even more about fire safety at home on their handheld device!


Meet Sparky the Fire Dog: The Case of the Missing Smoke Alarms – where fire safety connects kids to learning! You can download the FREE app directly onto your smartphone, tablet, or other device. (The app is available for iOS and Android.) I placed the app on my iphone and we downloaded it for my son on his Android tablet.


The app is both an educational story and a game with simple and cute graphics. We read the story first. The best part is not only the content (teaching children some of the real dangers about fire and how to protect themselves) but it’s fully animated and interactive. There are many graphics to touch throughout the story that keeps their attention. Before turning each page, my son wanted to see what would happen if he touched various graphics; sometimes the story required him to respond by touching certain things and there were also some fun extras built into the app that moved or made noise which he seemed to love! He couldn’t wait to place the missing fire alarm in each room onto the right spot to hear it beep!


He also really enjoyed the interactive nature of the story. And it’s perfect for emerging readers as well. The words are highlighted as they are read aloud, so any child can enjoy listening and watching the story without having to read at a particular level – they don’t have to be able to read it on their own to have some fun with it.

The app also comes with a game component which my son enjoyed equally as much. Again, this app is very engaging for children and holds their interest. It’s a wonderful way to introduce your kids to some important tips, especially during fire safety week!


Be sure to download the FREE app here and get your kids exploring with Sparky the Fire Dog and have some fun learning all about fire safety!

Theta Mom® abides by word of mouth marketing standards and believes in honesty of relationship, opinion and identity. I was compensated for review of the Sparky Fire Dog app. However, all opinions expressed are my own and the content of this post was not influenced.