The Consequence of Sandy on My Shore {in Pictures}

This is the beach that my kids love every single summer.


This is the bedroom where my children sleep in the summer.


This is where my kids watch tv.


This is where they play in the yard.


This is where they ride their bikes.


This is the clubhouse where my kids play ping pong and listen to music. {The entire back wall on the right has been ripped away}.


This is the same place where I had my engagement party.


And had my first dance.


This is where I grew up and spent every single summer.


Sandy. She’s so easy to forget unless you are the one who is experiencing it. My beloved Jersey Shore has been changed forever.


And I’m not quite sure we’ll ever be the same.



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    yep. it was awful (i’m like hour away and i got hit pretty hard as well), and you are right, the shore will never be the same. ever!! it’s sad.

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    I was there this weekend. Seeing it on tv is not comparable to seeing it in person. So heartbreaking. Thankfully, it’s material things that can be rebuilt and new memories made.

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    Thank you for sharing. These pictures are very impacting and I think we all need the occasional reminder to stop and think and be grateful for our families and what we do have. Best to you.

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    Wow Heather– unbelievable. There are no words.

    I think that it is amazing that you are writing about Sandy & reminding (showing) the rest of us around the country the damage that has been done. I hope you don’t stop!

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    It’s one thing to see it on TV and even that hits a person pretty hard but when it’s someone you know and they share the places that are special in their hearts to them it’s even more difficult.
    I’m sorry for your loss and the losses of so many others. Hopefully one day soon all will be right on the shore again.

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