When Life Hands You a Bowl of Lemons

I haven’t blogged in nearly a month. It’s so unlike me, but there is a reason why I haven’t touched the keys on my laptop to weave words together in this space. Over the last several weeks, I’ve been chasing an opportunity – one that I was sure God put in my path for the taking. I was absolutely convinced this was the right position for me, but to my dismay, it did not work out.

And I’ve been heartbroken.

I feel defeated, disappointed. I was certain this was the one key that would open up a whole new world, a profound path I would end up traveling – but at the eleventh hour, it all fell through.

And it hurts.

It’s at a time like this I begin to question why.

Why did I get presented with such a possibility if in the end, it wasn’t meant to be mine anyway?

Why did I work so hard trying to achieve something which now seems so futile?

Why wasn’t this picture perfect arrangement destined to be for me?


The reality is I can’t answer any of those questions. All I can do is seek inner peace by leaving it up to my faith to help carry me through. I have to believe there was good reason as to why this did not work out. Perhaps, the man upstairs has something better in store for me.


I’ve missed you. I’ve missed this blog. This recent heartache has opened my eyes to a new perspective, one that has forced me to see the many things I do have in my life that I’ve been blessed with.

They say everything in life happens for a reason – and maybe I was put through this test to take stock of what I do have and be grateful. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, this could not be a better time for reflection and redemption.

I’m also told that these tough experiences in life help to shape who we are and who we will become; that these challenges build character and provide us with unexpected strength.

So instead of drowning in my sorrow, I must dust myself off and get right back in the game because there is something better waiting for me. I’m going to take the lemons that have been handed to me and turn it into some damn good lemonade. And no need to add sugar – because sometimes the struggle is what makes success even sweeter.


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    I am sorry you went through this…we can all relate on some level or another. What I love is that you gave yourself the space to do what was right for you. It is all for a reason…I look forward to seeing what is next. Virtual hugs…

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    So sorry to hear that things didn’t happen the way you wanted them to. I know that feeling, that situation, and it does hurt :( Glad that you have the courage to write about it… you’ll heal better! And we’re here for you, Heather. Praying for you, always. (Hey, I saw you followed me on Instagram. Thanks!)

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    I know that feeling so well and commend you not just for picking yourself up and dusting yourself off, but for being honest about how much it can hurt not to get something we work for. I salute your courage!

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      Thanks Kristen, it sure isn’t easy but I am going to get back in the game…I have to believe it all happens for a reason, thanks so much for reading & your comment!

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    I can relate to this 100%. In the end, the opportunity I was so upset about not getting I can totally see in hindsight would NOT have been good for me, even though it seemed like a perfect fit and solution at the time. I hope you get to say the same thing when this is in your rearview mirror as well.

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      Thank you! I have to remember that – for whatever reason, this was not meant to be and there is something better waiting! Thank you for reading and sharing!

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    I really needed to read this post today because I could truly relate to it! Thank you for sharing. This is just a bump on the path to something bigger and better, right?! :)

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    I also recently started down a path I was so excited about, a sudden change in course that I thought was going to be amazing. But I met a dead end instead, which stunned and devastated me. And embarrassed me. But you’re right. We just have to stand up, dust ourselves off, and drink the lemonade.

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    I’m so sorry things didn’t work out the way you were hoping Heather! I do believe that these things shape who we are, though. Every time I experience a major disappointment I try to remember how valuable it is for my girls to see me fail…and continue on. There is something great on the horizon! xo

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      Sarah, You’re so right. I’ve had several talks with my 8 year-old son because he’s seen me sad and cry over this…what a life lesson it has been, that we don’t always get what we want, even when we know we were the BEST person for the position or the most deserving…it also made me realize how blessed I am in my life and this? Well, this just isn’t worth being sad over anymore.

      Thanks for reading & commenting – I love when I see my old bloggy friends pop up on my blog.

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    Heather! I have been trying to stop by to comment ever since I saw your post show up in my email!

    So good to see you here!!! So sorry that your opportunity didn’t work out! I know how awful that feels!!! As always, you have such a great attitude about it! You’re awesome!

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