BabyshoesI used to define myself as the mom who constantly had it together. I was known for making a checklist for the checklist and never forgot to respond to an email or make cupcakes for school. But I soon realized I was also the mom who greeted the bus stop completely frazzled with a coffee stained t-shirt and was lucky I even knew my name.

The more I talked with other women I soon found I was not alone. As moms, we are all in this together and deep down there is part Alpha and part Beta in all of us. So, if we are part Alpha and part Beta, what are we?

We are Theta Moms, [The-T-A] The True, Authentic Moms because life isn’t perfect and neither are our kids.

Basically, this all goes back when I was pregnant for the first time. I remember thinking, “Why didn’t anyone divulge the real deal to me about actually giving birth?” I took those courses and read every pamphlet offered through the hospital, but I still wasn’t prepared for what actually happened before, during, and after delivery. Bringing baby home was like a shock to my entire system. Why didn’t anyone tell me the whole truth about what to really expect? I felt like I was misinformed. I felt like there was a secret code among mothers that wasn’t offered or shared. Even the tons of books I read about pregnancy and “what to expect” that first year didn’t spell-it-out-for me.

I feel the same way about motherhood. Why didn’t anyone tell me the real deal about motherhood? Although I love my children more than anything in the world, the reality of this “role” was never clearly defined for me.

It is the hardest job on the planet.

So, I decided to break the secret code or at least maybe the silence. I began this website as an opportunity to share my experiences as a mother and begin the line of communication to form a sense of community among Theta Moms everywhere, engaging in the challenge of revolutionizing the way we think about our role as mothers.

Since this blog launched in 2009, it has evolved – and so have I. Theta Mom® has become more than just a space for women to connect – it has turned into a lifestyle brand, offering women and mothers the tips, tools, products and resources that are redefining motherhood.

Theta Mom® offers content within the broad categories of Parenting, Lifestyle, Education and Technology to give you the very best in consumer products, parenting advice, digital trends, and of course all things education. Theta Mom® provides you and your evolving role as a mother with exactly what you need.

I welcome you to Theta Mom®, a place that enriches the lives of all mothers to help us understand the ups and downs of motherhood; a place for women and mothers to connect; a space to promote and support women-owned brands and offer the very best in the latest education, business and tech trends.

We are redefining the role of motherhood, one mom at a time.

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