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How do blog communities thrive? As I’ve mentioned before, through active conversation, participation and support. It’s all about putting yourself out there and networking with other bloggers that share similar interests as you. So after you’ve checked out some of the new Listings that are added daily and the Featured Blogger which is posted weekly, be sure to add your ideas in the conversations that begin right here in the posts!

How to Utilize TMC Network as an Effective Resource:

We are all interested in blogging and social media since that’s what we do! Each week I will add a new question or host a guest blogger that writes about blogging, social media or women in business and it will go through the live feed at Theta Mom. Comment to your heart’s content on that particular post/topic and let’s get a fabulous dialogue started. I will then provide the direct link to each of those live posts under this Network page so you can always check out any of the posts and/or comments that you may have missed!

I am always on the lookout for guest posters who would like to write on specific blogging/social media/women in business topics, so if this interests you, please send me an email!

Think of TMC Network not just a place to share ideas and meet other bloggers, but think of it as a resourceful forum to assist you in meeting your own blogging, social media and/or business goals!

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