Creating and Defining Meaningful Content

Thank you so much for your recent comments on my redesign. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome and I am so glad so many of you are just as excited as I am about where Theta Mom is going! In the midst of making those new plans, I finished up my own blog assessment recently. I reflected on some recent stats to get a good sense of where my referrals were coming from and I’m always intrigued by some of those Google searches. Yes, some searches are just plain nasty, some are hilarious and you wonder how a search like that ends up on your blog, but then there those searches that really seem to strike a chord…

For instance, I am still getting tons of hits on my Toddler Bed Fail post with searches like, “when to transition my toddler to a bed” or “how do I know if my toddler should move to a toddler bed” etc. These are total random peeps who are probably visiting my blog for the first time. These new visitors literally stumbled upon Theta Mom from a basic search. Nonetheless, they are most likely moms who have some of the same questions or concerns as we do – and they are seeking answers. They are looking for advice, perhaps a revelation, or the comfort of simply knowing that they are not alone.

Of course our regular readers return to us repeatedly because they know us; they enjoy our blogs because they understand our writing style, our choice of topics and they have come to know our families and our lives – but then there is this whole other element that brings new visitors to our blogs and for some, it’s for a real purpose – like those that happen to stumble upon Theta Mom looking for some resolution with a toddler bed issue.

So, the kind of search that may land a new visitor who stays for a few minutes and turns a few pages further solidified two things for me about blogging:

It proves that our writing has the potential to be powerful. We have an amazing platform in which to share our voice so make your writing count! Our words DO have weight and they certainly resonate with others, so the message here? Keep writing meaningful content. For me, meaningful content is defined as relevant, well written posts that are perfectly executed and infused with interesting points open for discussion.

It proves that we have the ability to make a difference in someone’s life, even if just for a moment. Someone may read a particular post and find comfort in our words. Or perhaps it’s the simplicity of the fact that another mom or woman has been down this road before which creates an impact. It shows that what we do in the blogosphere is of real value.

You never know what a little Google search will bring and the kind of peace you may end up giving someone on the other side of the computer screen. So keep on writing what you are passionate about – because your writing DOES matter to someone reading it.

This post will also be reflected in the TMC Network so please feel free to comment directly on this post and share: Do you agree that our writing has the potential to be powerful and how do you define meaningful content?

I am creating a list/schedule for guest posts that will run through the live feed at Theta Mom and be linked to the TMC Network. Please send me an email if you are interested in guest posting! Full details can be found on the Network page.


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    I think our writing is powerful. . .even the light stuff. Words connect with so many. Meaningful content to me, is anything that is real. Not the sites with the perfect pictures of the perfect kids, but people who just throw themselves out there.

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    Yes, I absolutely agree that our writing has the potential to be powerful. Which also means to me, that we have a responsibility to be true to ourselves, and honest about our experiences. It is also ok to celebrate our strengths, to aspire to be our best selves, and to focus on the positives. Meaningful content can be anything that a writer felt inspired to write about and share.

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    It really is amazing what can bring someone to your blog- and then it’s your job to keep them there! I love when I come across a new blog randomly and then spend a few hours getting lost in their archives. I have found some of my favorite blogs by having come across them accidentally!

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    What we say does matter. I have taken comfort in alot of other bloggers words on some on the hardships of being a new mom. It is so great to see that I’m not alone.

    I really don’t like the blogs that are all “zomg look at my perfect life and 90475983 perfect pictures of my perfect family!” My favorite blogs are the witty and honest ones- heir to blair, mommy is teething, etc. Those are the ones I keep going back to. Ones that are funny and relatable.

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    I have seen that a lot of the traffic I have been getting from Google searches is for an embarrassing fart story I did back in April. It makes me laugh that people are googling that.

    Haven’t visited for a while, but hope you are well. I can see your blog has tripled its following since I last dropped in. You must be doing something right!

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    One of my most popular posts was Beer Pong for kids. I always wonder when people find me through a Beer Pong search what they think!!!! I believe that our words are powerful because I know that I can read something and it can totally change my perspective on an issue or the way I feel. It is truly an amazing feeling to be told that you have had an impact!!!

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    I get a lot of searches looking for info on scoliosis and back braces. There is some stuff that just isn’t covered much even on the vast Internet. You never now which of your experiences will connect with someone out there.

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      Exactly!! And when a search is so specific and when I see that person spent some time on that post, it reminds me that what we do really DOES have an impact on someone reading. I’m so glad you stopped by!!

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    I haven’t taken the time at all to even find out how to see who comes to my blog and how they get there! Still a newbie in that sense, I suppose. But when we write, when we sit down and try to craft our words into something meaningful we are really hoping that someone somewhere will read them and they will be powerful….whether with a good laugh, a few sniffles, or an understanding nod. So I guess this is something that is good to know, and good to learn about.

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    I am nursing on a top 8 allergen free diet right now and have written about it accordingly. I have met some other moms going through the exact same thing and they are some of my biggest supporters now- never would have found them if it weren’t for good ol’ blogging!

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    I think it’s imperative that we remember our words are floating out there, forever. No, not every post needs to be deep and meaningful, but we’d be foolish to think our words are just words. They’re so much more than that.

    What an exciting responsibility – think of the possibilities!

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    Our words can definitely have power. I think it’s up to us to determine what we want the purpose of our words to be: some want to educate, some to entertain, and some just to create a feeling of community.

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    Although I am new to the Theta Mom Community, I feel that the most powerful content to me — the words that really touch me — are the words that are true, real, and from the heart. I love it when I read something and learn from another mother about how she survived/made it through a certain situation, whether that be switching to a toddler bed or balancing work and family. Once it’s from their heart, it speaks to me. And it’s powerful.

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    I always find it very interesting to analyze my google searches. It has actually helped me understand what my readers want which then helps formulate my content and writing style. I think moms do look to other moms for advice, assistant, and to just know they are not alone in the world. I think it is great when I can share what I know to hopefully help another mom out.

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    Powerful, yes! I think blogs definitely have the power to affect many different people. The topics we write about are important and the quality of the writing is even more important. Two of my posts that have gotten the most hits through Google have been “Tobacco stops the bleeding” and “Crack pie.” I wouldn’t have guessed this when I was writing them!

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    Absolutely! Even posts that aren’t meant to be super helpful can inspire something in someone somewhere, right? It’s a great feeling, helping out someone. :) Great job!

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    I really do believe our writing has an impact, both positive and negative. Words are forever. I think that is why I tend to shy away from bloggers that swear at a drop of a dime. Those that are constantly ranting and those that are just down right mean.
    Life is too short and too precious to throw away our words. Now with saying that I want to be very clear that I have been guilty of all of those things.
    It is something I find really important and need to work on daily. Great food for thought!

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      I really like that you raised this very important point Christina and I think it goes to show how we should always use good judgement before we hit that publish button…at the end of the day, as bloggers WE have to be comfortable with what we put out there and at the same time, have a responsibility of the words we choose – and the effect it may have to those who read.

      Excellent food for thought.

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    I’m still trying to figure out if TMC is for bloggers who specifically have their own business? I was starting to think so until I read this post. Then it seems like it’s just for ordinary bloggers too?

    Anyway, I guess meaningful must vary from person to person, but if something is well written – gripping or funny, strong enough to pull any reader in even if it’s not a subject that would ordinarily grab them, then it’s done its job. Then it becomes meaningful.

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    Each of us has a different voice. Some of us are funny, some are melodramatic, some are sarcastic, some are serious, some are preachy, some are teachy. And they are all important. We all will speak out to a group of someones who need to read what we are writing. They will be helped, encouraged, taught, made to laugh, or maybe even cry. I love what blogging has become to me!
    Are you too busy to be yourself?

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    I have always believed that the greatest weapon we have at our disposal is our words. Words can encourage, tear down, rebuild, motivate, inspire and much more. I always try to make sure that I am writing from heart when I blog. I don’t believe in editing myself to cater to a certain audience because that would not be fair to those who actually want to know how I truly feel. Not to mention, I wouldn’t be being true to myself and how my mom raised me.

    And I think that your passion for just writing from your heart is what keeps and attracts so many readers to Theta Mom. I know that I may not comment on every post, but I can truly say that I read them all and am usually always touched or inspired by something you’ve wrote within them. Continue writing the meaningful content that I have become so fond of reading!

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      You just totally made my day YUMMommy and perfectly made the point I was trying to convey in this piece – that our writing DOES matter…to someone reading.

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    I definitely agree about our writing being powerful. For me, meaningful content is when I write my heart and my beliefs, when I write the hard things and the true things and the things that other people don’t want to say (but are probably thinking, feeling, and living in the midst of). That is meaningful. That is powerful.

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    Yes, our words matter.

    As a mom who blogs about my life, at my most cynical moments, I can’t help but wonder, “who cares?”

    But then I remember why I was drawn to blogging. As a newer mom, spending an overwhelming amount of time alone with my children, I was so amazed to find a form of friendship with the women who openly shared their lives on their blogs. Their writing, whether about feeling overwhelmed or finishing a craft with their kids, made me feel not so lonely.

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    sometimes i go through the whole “who cares” stage too. why would/should anyone care what I have to say? but sometimes they do. unfortunately,i don’t think i get a lot of hits from old posts. i’m amazed at people (like you heather) who only post a couple times a week and get people to keep coming back. i feel like people just look at the front page and that’s it.

    but yes, we should pay more attention to what we write.

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      Do you use any kind of analytics to see if peeps are looking at older posts? Your referrals and where they end up reading on your blog would be a great indicator!

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        i did/do. but i haven’t checked in awhile. i still get a few hits on a cloth diaper review i did awhile back… i’m wondering if i should add some different stuff to it at the end, like “to see more about cloth diapers, go here” or something like that. something to get them to jump around the site a bit. i haven’t checked in awhile b/c my laptop busted and it’s been hard to get on as much as i used to. but i should check again to see.

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    I think our words can be very powerful, but also have the potential to be wasted. My blog is educational, but infused with my own parenting stories (some good, some mishaps). I find that I choose my words very carefully because I don’t want to present myself as a know-it-all just because I have a background in child development and have taught parenting classes for years. I’m certainly not…as kids know! Most of the comments I get are very supportive and people share their own tips, but sometimes I get some very negative-feeling feedback. Take the good with the bad, I suppose.

    I’m drawn to very honest writing about family life, marriage, etc. But I’m a bit put off by writing that seems to be trying to grab attention by being “hilarious”. Does that make sense? It just doesn’t feel real to me.

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      Great point Katie and on the subject of presenting material, sometimes even when it’s presented in a very positive way, others may find a way to still be negative about it. I’ve learned that in this bloggy space, you won’t make everyone happy but as long as you stay true to who YOU are, you can’t lose. 😉

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    I think that writing is as powerful for the blogger as it is the reader sometimes. There have been times where by the time I was done with a post I have had a big “aha! moment” Those are also usually the posts that inspire others. I know when I visit a blog I may initially be attracted to a phoyo, tutorial, or recipe but it is the ones with meaningful content on a regular basis that go in the favorites folder. Sometimes I just need a laugh, or to be inspired by art… Sometimes I want to know I am not alone in my struggles. All content has the potential to make an impact and reach new audiences :)

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    I think that our writing plays a HUGE role these days…why else would businesses be breaking their necks to reach out to mom bloggers for advertising. I think a key point to remember is that in order for our writing to be as effective as it CAN be, we have to write about things we are interested in and passionate about. Not just things that we think will get a good google search. Excellent post. Your blog tips are my favorite.

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    You are spot on (as always). I always appreciate the fact that I can come visit you get these wonderful reminders that keep me on track. Keep doing what you do so well, love ya Mama.

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    Hey blogging mamas!
    I just created my first blog button. I need some advice, is it too big and is it something you would be willing to add to your blogs? I’m looking to grow my followers and community with more interaction and comments. So stop by, leave a comment and I too will do the same.
    Isnt this a GREAT space to talk about our blogs and gain support? WOOT WOOT!

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    i love this, but sometimes i feel like i try to make every post into a “find answers for someone” post. so sometimes i just need to write and sometimes i can make it into something people are looking for.. what’s the balance.

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    I agree. Our words can have such an impact on others. I continue to be amazed that no matter what I thinking, struggling with or laughing about there is always someone else out there who knows exactly what I mean. Your words can comfort someone who thinks that they are the only one is the world who is dealing with that particular situation.

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    I think that what we write can definitely have an impact. And as far as “searches”, my most popular were a “bookaholic” post and “Happy Spring Quotes”. It is funny what shows up in the search engines, isn’t it? I haven’t even thought about keywords or SEO yet. I’m still trying to learn everything ELSE! LOL Have a great day.

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