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When I first began blogging there were many communities I joined that brought me some of the best bloggy friends a girl could ask for. But it took a lot of “work” on my part in finding these bloggers to really get an idea for who they were and what they blogged about. At TMC, I cut the guess work out for you because each Listing provides a very specific blog description so you will already have a good idea of the bloggers you would like to network with, so come here daily to see new listings and find new blogs to connect with. The more active you are in this community, the more you will get out of it.

Theta Mom Community is a space that encourages social networking and fosters the support of bloggers through a community all its own. TMC, the cornerstone that brings bloggers together and reinforces the idea that successful blogging is based on a solid foundation of a supportive network. TMC would not be possible without your support. I can’t thank each of you enough for welcoming me into your life and I look forward to continuing the journey with you! When I first began my blog, I had a vision of what I wanted it to be so I immediately created a mission. Here is an excerpt from that mission which I wrote and published before I had even one follower:

“I began this website as an opportunity to share my experiences as a mother. One of my hopes in developing this blog is to begin the line of communication and form a sense of community among Theta Moms everywhere. Another hope is that you, a fellow Theta Mom, are inspired by this mission and engage in the challenge of revolutionizing the way we think about our role as mothers. I created this website to use as a platform to begin the dialogue…

These words prove that even from the very first day of my blogging journey, I knew I wanted to connect with other women. I wanted to begin a conversation that other mothers could relate to and I wanted to form a sense of real community. I am honored to be surrounded by such amazing, talented women and I can’t tell you enough how excited I am to share this space with you.

TMC is my space, your space, our space. I want this to be a place where you meet other bloggers that shares similar interests; I want this space to be an area in which you are able to “find” other bloggers and they can “find” you; I want you to re-connect with someone you maybe haven’t seen in weeks; I want you to network with other bloggers with whom you instantly relate to; I want you to find a new tweep to follow on Twitter; I want this to be a space you will come back to again and again, to see who’s been added and search through the listings to make even more connections.

So, how does TMC work and what’s in it for you as a blogger?

As a member of TMC, you will have the opportunity to create a Listing describing your blog and interests along with a direct link to your site. It’s permanent. Your listing will be here once you add it for the entire blogosphere to see and that’s exactly the point. I want you to have the ability to network and find other bloggers from a community that supports me.

You will be eligible to guest post at the TMC Network, another space dedicated for bloggers to continue the dialogue, ask questions, make suggestions, share links and of course, network!

You will also be supported because the mission here is built on the foundation of community and that’s what communities do – provide support.

So, do you want to become a member of TMC? Of course you do! But I do have some rules and any Listing that does not follow these rules will be deleted without prejudice.


1. You must be a blogger not a business. {If you are a business looking for a sponsorship or partnership with Theta Mom®, please visit my business site Theta Mom® Media and email your requests. If you are looking for ad space or rates for your business to be featured in The Marketplace, please refer to the advertising information.}

2. Subscribe to Theta Mom. {You need to follow the very community you would like to be a part of.}

3. Wear the TMC button on your site with pride. {This button is not linked to my homepage. Rather, the landing page is this space. Think of TMC as its own website on its own domain. When this button is placed in the blogosphere, all traffic will come to THIS page with YOUR listings. The more bloggers that display the button, the more opportunity others will find TMC and want to join. And the more listings that are created, the better the chances are for you to meet new bloggers and network. So grab the code for the TMC button found on my right sidebar and copy/paste the html on a non-scrolling area of your blog.}

4. Add your Listing in 4-5 sentences, linking the title of your blog NOT your name. {This is your claim to fame – in the comment section, you will place the exact TITLE of your blog where it says name, add your email (which will not be published), include the url of your HOME page and then post your Listing in 4-5 sentences in the comment area. This is the real deal, so be sure to choose the 4-5 sentences that best describe you and your blog. Try to really articulate what it is you want others to know about your site. Once you add your Listing, this is how others will find you so you want to make sure your blog description fits both you and your blog well.

5. Tell a friend about TMC and/or tweet, email, blog and share on Facebook! {The more buzz that is created about TMC, the bigger it will grow which will provide more opportunities for networking and making connections.} You can copy and paste the following: Want to grow your readership & network with other bloggers? Visit #TMCommunity & get your blog listed @ThetaMom Pls RT

6. Use TMC to your advantage. {Return often to TMC to see who has been added, find new bloggers to connect with and go comment on their blog. Be sure to tell them you found them through TMC! Follow someone on Twitter as well and use this space to help you grow as a blogger and reach a bigger audience. The more you visit TMC and the blogs of its members, the bigger your own readership will grow.}

So now aren’t you excited to get your blog listed?! I am so glad you are here and that you continue to support this mission.


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    I’m still trying to figure out who I am and how I got here. I am the consumate small town girl, writing about depression, anxiety, my family, and my favorite hobby, cooking. Sarcastic to a fault and a wino to boot.

  2. says

    The one with the British accent (I’m sure I’m not the only Brit Theta Mom, though! :) I’m a wife, mama and also a beauty, health and family writer for a range of newspapers, magazines and websites on this side of the pond! Nonstopmama is a daily mix of beauty, homes, family and lots, lots more! Thrilled to meet you all! :)

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    Motherhood changes as the kids get older, your perspective changes on things, and the mom wars go on without you. I’m blogging my way through the tween years with my kids, and complaining about the occasional latest parenting trend or news story

  4. says

    I’m a teacher, a writer, an actress, a musician, and a woman… who also happens to have kids. I have a husband too, but who’s counting? I write about all of the above, focusing on the issues, the controversies, the dilemmas, the amusing moments one encounters when fortunate enough to care for babies while also trying to preserve a sense of self.

  5. says

    Merelymothers are three mothers who analyze and discuss the anthropology of parenting in our generation. We hope to encourage discussion and spark debate about the choices we make as parents. We are all raising the future; let’s talk about how to do it.

  6. says

    Dear Mommy Brain is a resource of home management strategies for saving your sanity through simple, economical living with tips on productivity, meal planning, reducing food waste, battling debt and more. All written by Jen – a slightly crunchy, real food loving, aspiring frugalista, wanna-be clean freak, struggling intellectual, guilt-ridden working mom fighting through the fog of motherhood.

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    The Jack Chronicles is a cute little blog about motherhood and life on the sunny California coast. Here you’ll find notes about all things baby and boy and bliss. Stop on by and read daily musings brought to you by Devon: a mother and a wife, a home cook, a craft fiend, a photography obsess-er, and lover of travel. She lives in a perpetual state of splat mats, strewn toys, peek-a-boo, “what will happen to your baby if____” Google searches, palm trees, sunsets, and editing the photos that document it all!

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    I am Julia, a full time Mommy addicted to Starbucks and chocolate. I love sleep, and think running is the-worst-thing-ever. I blog about being a mommy to a hilarious and exhausting two-year-old, being the wife of a workaholic, and my on going struggle with my birth experience. Elated Exhaustion is sometimes funny, sometimes serious, but always honest. Come visit! And bring some chocolate. :)

  9. says

    Hollow Tree Ventures is basically the little corner of the innerwebs where I can share the things that I can’t say out loud to my kids without scarring them for life. It’s also where I admit to my (numerous) parenting fails, give phoney advice, and complain about the things that make me crazy. It’s often sarcastic, a little bit random, and gives you a glimpse into a life to which you might relate – either that, or you’ll feel like a Martha Stewart/Gwyneth Paltrow Super-Mom by comparison. I don’t care so much if you’re laughing with me or at me – just come on by for a laugh.

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    Blessdom is all about my attempts to make something out of this life. In my world, I try to bless my children, my huband, our home, friends and family as much as I possibly can. I share a little of this here. My hope is that my readers may be blessed as well. You’ll find personal thoughts and insights, recipes, ideas for crafting and more. Hope you will enjoy.

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    My husband and I have three children. Together, the five of us are learning how to be a family again after years of putting jobs and money first. I blog about family life, parenting issues, frugality, food, and anything else that we come across in our daily lives. Sometimes I’m serious, sometimes I’m seriously sarcastic. Our hectic life usually leads to realizations about motherhood and myself that I discuss with the masses. Please join me on this journey down the rabbit hole we call parenthood where nothing is as you once thought and nothing you once thought is what it is.

    Also on Facebook:

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    I am a mother of one with another babe on the way, a teacher and self-proclaimed coffee addict. Prettylittleivy is all about enjoying and laughing through the small moments that happen in my daily life. Through it all, I’m trying to find myself and reconnect to what I’m all about, which I seem to have lost along the way. Please join me as I try to figure it out through a mess of finger paints, overpriced lattes and attempts at painting, crafting, baking and decorating.

  13. says

    Raising Humans is about the realization that in raising our children, we are raising ourselves. It’s a celebration of the beautiful moments where we learn to stop and appreciate and the terrible moments where, despite our frustration and, sometimes, desperation, we grow. Together.

    I’m Tricia: account director at a web design agency by day, writer by night, wife and mother first, foremost, and all the time.

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    Join my family as we enjoy the wonderful things God has created and walk towards living the life He intended. Here is where we are learning how to allow Him to lead us in every aspect of my life, marriage, children, home, food, finances and career. Along the way we try to Celebrate Life, Believe, Laugh and Shout!

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    Mother of four and child care provider writes about parenting, children, families and surviving the chaos at

    After I had more than one child and started my daycare, I discovered the only way to survive the chaos was to redefine my expectations and shove the mother’s guilt out the window. There is no perfect parent or child. We are all flawed and saying anything else is a lie. Being a good parent is less about how well-read you may be on the subject and more about how connected and forgiving you are with yourself and your child. You can also join me on Facebook at

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    Some of us grew up listening or reading fairy tales, where the princess meets Prince Charming, and with only one kiss he breaks the evil witch’s curse and “they live happily ever after.”

    When we start to grow and turn into young ladies the fairy tale changes a little bit, now the princess has to kiss sometimes one prince, sometimes several and sometimes a lot of frogs in order to find her knight in shining armor, of course the story ends again “they got married and lived happily ever after.”

    When reality reaches us, after we kissed frogs and defeated all the evil witches and have found our prince charming, we find ourselves getting married but this time the end is “they got married and will they live happy for ever?”

    You will find posts and discusses information that will relate to you as a wife, and maybe we are not perfect wives but we want to be happy wives.

    Esposa Perfecta is a Spanish website written by a stay at home mom , with USA Latin, LATAM and Spanish readers

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    Midlife mom gratefully looking back in hopes of graciously moving forward. A blog of reflections on the past, lessons learned and moving forward. My children have been my greatest teachers and motherhood my grandest adventure.

  18. says

    This blog has started with random opinions. But as time went by, the author aims to share more fabulous ideas as a woman of strength, working mother to a 3-year-old crazy little girl & a wife to a hot military officer. Let’s rock & roll. ♥

  19. says

    Chocolate. Love. Sex. What else do we really want? The Paranoid Writer started as a blog about publishing my first book, Brownie Fix, based on my own experiences with postpartum depression, mixed with chocolate and some dark humor. Now, it’s about how life gets in the way . . . all the time. Enjoy.

  20. says

    I started this blog as a sharable digital scrapbook of my first daughter’s life. The name represents our family’s inability to do normal life events in order. We’re on to our second child with still no wedding in our future…but our backwards version works for us. I blog about family life, home education, my over-thinking issues, and our multicultural family dynamic.

  21. says

    Clomid and Cabernet is an online infertility support community. Featuring message boards to meet others struggling with infertility, a high risk infertility specialist to answer your questions, and a place to safely share your own story, Clomid and Cabernet aims to decrease some of the stigma and open the doors to talking about this taboo subject. When I was in the darkest hours of my infertility journey I promised myself that, when I made it to the other side, I would find a way to help others along the way. Grab a glass and join us!

  22. says

    The Aniweda Dream is a blog in which I present alternative, eco-conscious, multi-cultural living. I also blog about spirituality, personal transformation, activism, self-employment/business/wahm…and my original goal since I started the blog was to show family life on the road. I show inspiring dreams of what life could be and the dreams that brave souls are following. I highlight indigenous rights and beliefs, social justice and injustice and diversity awareness and acceptance. All with a gnarly attitude and a sprinkle of down-right silly. Most of all I share my dreams for myself, for my children and for the future…sometimes even dreams of the past.

  23. says

    I’m a twenty-something year old, first time mom of three boys. No, I didn’t have triplets. I have two step-sons ages 4 and 9, and my little guy is 2. I blog about my life, diy projects, recipes on rare occasion, and love doing memes. I ride horses, go to college full time, and wear all the hats a mom has to. I love sharing my family’s adventures, pictures, and funny moments. When it happens I will let you all in on my wedding planning, and home buying and decorating. I try to keep things light-hearted and fun. Stop by, you won’t be sorry 😉

  24. says

    Hi! I am a stay-at-home-Mom who had decided that the easiest way to keep in touch with people was to start a blog. It’s now growing into a place for opinions, funny stories, vacation pictures, weight loss struggles and so much more! I love to read, drink coffee, oggle cute boys (including my Hubby), scour Pinterest, tweet and garden. Stop by and visit!!

  25. says

    Hi, I’m a single mother to two teenage daughters. I am a Social Media Manager. My blog is all about making YOU a more fabYOUlous YOU through Social Media. I enjoy doing product reviews, but more importantly, I enjoy just sharing what’s going on in my world!!

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    I am a first-time mom, a part-time husband-nagger, an accidental nomad, and an occasional optimist. I think a lot of thoughts (most of them completely random), and sometimes I write them in my blog. I have a labrador retriever who thinks the baby’s toys belong to him (or so he claims). I’m from Canada, and I don’t live in an igloo or pronounce “about” as “aboot”, but I do enjoy maple syrup and free health care.

  27. says

    I am just a regular Mom trying to do what she can to balance this crazy thing called life. Between work, youth baseball, and those piles of laundry that just never seem to disappear, there is little time to stop and enjoy the view. Making Our Life Matter is my attempt at reminding myself why I do all the things that I do, and that we only have one life, and to make the most of it. I like to reach out to those Moms who think that they are just ordinary, and let them know that ordinary can be awesome!

  28. says

    Hello bloggers! I am a wife, mom to two boys, homeschooling parent, and blogger at, where I share an honest look at marriage, motherhood, and all things mom. I love to write about all the stuff I shouldn’t and then wonder if I should have. :) My oldest son has severe OCD and I often write about our journey through that battle. But mostly, I write about anything I feel like. Motherhood is messy business and I believe wholeheartedly that we all need to embrace our imperfections, find humor in parenting, and encourage one another! I look forward to seeing you over there!

  29. says

    I am thirty something married SAHM to two boys, a rottweiler and a siamese/burmese cat. My blog tells all, between the loads of laundry screaming to be done and the random arguments my two boys have. I’m just trying to keep it together, day by day. Come check us out at where everything and just about anything happens!

  30. says

    I am a Mama to 2 beautiful boys and have been married for 11 years <3. I started this Blog over a year ago when we received some MAJOR Medical Diagnoses with my youngest son Aiden. I needed an outlet and I felt I could pour my heart out typing, even though I have amazing family and friends, I needed to do this for ME. If it also helped other people know that they are not alone during rough times ( even better ). This last year has been up and down and also scary at times, but my family has made it through <3

  31. says

    I am a mom with a passion for home & family life & God. I love sharing in my journey with other ladies! I love to have guest bloggers as well. Please join me at my blog and my community!

  32. says is a blog about beauty, fashion, women, fun, moms, pets, households and most probably anything I like to blog about. It is a serious blog but fun, and supportive towards women and mothers and family. My blog is not about the latest trend and is more practical and fresh (I hope) than the serious fashion blogs. I don’t do runway fashion!

  33. says

    Hi everyone. I’m a mother of 3 from Hawaii and love reading, cooking, shopping, crafting and everything girlie! I also love to visit the sites of other bloggers. You can follow me at and leave me a comment and I’ll be sure to follow you back! I look forward to meeting all of you!

  34. says

    Hi! I’m Sarah Lynn and I’m currently on mat leave with my first child, Hannah, who was born in January 2012. We live in Toronto, Canada. On my blog, I share my adventures in Mommyhood. I also do reviews of baby products with a personal twist.

  35. says

    I am excited to have found this community! I am a mom of four who lives using intuition and other spiritual practices. In my blog, “Adventures Along The Spiritual Path: My Life as an Intuitive Medium and Spiritual Parent”, I write about parenting and life as seen though a spiritual lens.

  36. says

    hi – im just a new mommy and a new blogger who does blogging for FUN ! That’s Mamarazzi is more of a personal blog – with mommy tips , DIY’s, baby safety , baby info & my personal opinions or stories with my son Kinen. being a mom can be very overwhelming , but it has it’s moments & each every moment i would love to share ! our babies only grow up once & we would all love to capture it ! hope you enjoy my blog & follow also .

    <3 , That's Mamarazzi :)

  37. says

    I am a mom of one that is beginning the journey to live a more natural and eco friendly lifestlye. I enjoy sharing the research I do on living naturally. You will find all kinds of things on my blog, information, reviews and ramblings on all things natural. I also enjoy staying fit through running and cycling and saving dollars along the way.

  38. says

    I was redefined when I became a mom and I find my life being redefined daily. I share my redefining moments through postings about my daughter, my pets, recipes, my daily activities and whatever else comes my way in life.

  39. says

    I am a disorganized, fly by the seat of my pants, mid 30s stay at home mom desperately trying to gain an understanding of the loss of one of my twin daughters, while trying to not let the loss steal my joy in my life or take away from the happiness of my other three children.

    This blog is not only about learning to cope and live through grief. It’s also about the ups and downs of parenting, raising three small children, spirituality and finding my faith again, marriage, friendship, love, support… life, and awareness! I cover a wide spectrum!

  40. says

    I’m a wife, mama, writer and Christ-follower. Baxtronlife is the story of my life – daily adventures in NYC, celebrating life with my high-spirited toddler and loving husband, and battling PTSD.

  41. says

    I am a busy lady who takes on too many projects while trying to manage the chaos I call my life. I am a work at home mom and wife who is a logo designer and branding consultant. We have recently started our journey of home schooling. What a ride we are on, but at least the hot pink carpet has been rolled out for us, the Carolina moon is shining bright, and my crown is tilted just right!

  42. says

    I am a new mom trying to find my “mommy” voice! My blog is a little bit of this and that with lots of pictures of my now 3 month old son! I can see my blog slowly changing from “random stuff” to “random stuff about my baby”! I live near Philadelphia and work as a high school history teacher.

  43. says

    Amy, author of Riding NYC with Amy, is a wife, teacher, cyclist and city mom. She blogs about living a happy healthy lifestyle, parenting strategies from personal experiences, educational tips for parents, ideas for the family home, life in a metropolitan city with kids, and whatever inspires her while hoping to inspire you. Please stop by!

    Also find us on Facebook:

  44. says

    This blog chronicles my (in)experiences in being a new mom. Join me as I journey through the amazing maze that is motherhood while at the same time trying to juggle a career and a household.

  45. says

    I am a personality psychologist and mom of two kids under the age of 5. I apply psychology to everyday issues related to personal development, people skills, and parenting. My goal: give readers information they can use to make their lives more fulfilling and less stressful.

  46. says

    Twenty-something year old mother of two, living in Long Island, NY. I love adding my personality in my posts (little punches of humor, hip-hop refrences, etc). Keeping it real but never trashy. I can’t say my blog fits into any particular niche. I like having the feel of community on my blog so I’ll post questions every Wednesday. I like writing about childhood memories I am able to laugh at now, etc. I also include a lot about my day-to-day life.

  47. says

    I’m a busy Mommy to three beautiful kids ages 3 and under. My blog offers amusing tales of the chaos that has become my life, as well as activity, craft, meal, and time saving tips for other mom’s and daycare providers. I’ve also included information about infant food allergies, as my middle child was allergic to everything! Come, read, and enjoy! :)

  48. says

    Hi fellow bloggers!

    My name is Crystal, I’m mommy to a 4 year old girl and 8 month old boy who I call Bean and Turtle on my blog. I’m married to The Hubs as I affectionately refer to him. We live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I work as a Children’s Book Publicist but am currently on maternity leave.

    Sew Creative is a blog that I’ve been wanting to start for a long time and finally launched in January 2013.

    I write about creative living through sewing, food, diy and creative friends.

    I’m always looking for guest posts (the inspiring friends part.) :) I would love for you to stop by and visit!

    Best Wishes,


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